Detailed analytics. Clean design. Instant customization.

Contract management like you’ve never seen it before.


Let us show you how Tartan will change your approach to contract management

All Contracts, One Simple Database.

Store all your contracts in one simple database, where they can be accessed by the click of a button. View, extract, personalize, and compare templates with ease.

Intuitive User Experience

Using a fresh and elegant interface, Tartan blends simplicity with modernity to provide an intuitive and attractive user experience.

Knowledge Management System

Never sift through old contracts again! With Tartan’s complete knowledge management system you can quickly compare against previous files and pull specific items.  Referencing has never been so effortless!

Word Import/Export Functionality

Contracts currently stored as Word files? No problem!  Simply Import the file, make any necessary changes, and save the contract as a template.  No fuss!

Detailed Analytics and Reporting

Tartan automatically tracks all edits made to any contract or template. Simply select your file and an entire history of the document is provided.

Never miss a due date or timing window again!

With Tartan's clean and interactive dashboard, all work products, assignments and pending approvals are readily displayed, along with progress reports and status updates. Contract management has never been this easy!

Keep track of everything at once! Our powerful and intelligent time management tools streamline every process, and are tailored to each individual user.

  • Gantt Chart for Planning

    Gantt Chart for Planning

    Build out simple or complex gantt charts to track a plan from beginning to end.  Miss a due-date, or need to make a revision?  No problem!  The chart is completely flexible, and will adjust all other time periods and dates appropriately.


  • KanBan for Tasks

    KanBan for Tasks

    Whether engaging a new client or finishing up a longstanding contract, there always seems to be more key tasks than expected!  And while dates, deliverables, and numbers might change, those key tasks remain.  With our intuitive and clean KanBan boards, you can track, modify, and adjust these deliverables with ease.


  • Document Templates

    Document Templates

    Sick of using ‘find and replace’? Tired of manually redacting each word? Our document templates solve that problem!  Enter key terms and variables into controls and watch as the document is populated in seconds.  The days of scouring files are over!


  • Processes and Methodologies

    Processes and Methodologies

    Projects need to be planned every step of the way, but sometimes these can be recurring between clients. Using our process and methodology systems, you can build out templates to expedite the method. Bundle as many document, task list, and plan templates as necessary into one comprehensive process. Integrate everything!


All this and more!

Whether working with clients, managing employees, tracking usage, or organizing projects, Tartan has the answer.

Import in

Create New
Versions Quickly

Review Changes


Manage and
Track Access

User Data

Tartan promotes collaboration, knowledge exchange, time management, and template flexibility into one logical and comprehensible package.  Whether working with a team or setting out on your own, signing clients or providing consultation, Tartan has the solution for you.

Contract Management has never been easier.

  • The Current Process: Draft, Execute, Deliver

    The process has followed this formula for years, and for good reason.  But just because it works doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.

  • The Missing Piece

    Collaboration. Integration. Knowledge exchange. Tartan doesn’t change the old processes - it unites them.

  • Audit, Review, and Improve

    Tartan keeps everything in one clean and easy to understand system.  Employees and clients alike can take advantage of everything Tartan has to offer. Edits, alterations, notes and versions are all saved and easily accessed for quick and reliable verification.

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